Artist's Info.


Artist's Information

What to Bring:

Artists will be supplied pastels, and wipes in order to successfully complete their artwork.

Suggested Items:

  • Various colors and sizes of chalk
  • Spray bottles and rags for erasing (light spraying of water can help to set the chalk.)
  • Gardening-style knee pads or towels for kneeling
  • Sunblock

Arrival Times:

Registration will begin at 7am. Please arrive no later than 8:30.

Please note: If an artist arrives after 9am, his/her designated square may be moved to a new location.


Both artists and volunteers can park in the back of Captain's Corner shopping center. 

Meal Schedules:

  • A light breakfast will be served in the morning. This will include: Juice, coffee, and donuts.
  • Water and various snack items will be provided throughout the day.
  • Stefano's pizza will be served at lunch time.  As well, there will be a variety of food trucks if you prefer something different.